Sunday, June 5, 2011

fun-loving gal seeks soul-mate

The search continues.....for the perfect pair of shoes.
I particularly like to wear a garment that is kind of inappropriate for the occasion; a vintage cocktail dress to get milk for instance. The trick is that I must be wearing the right shoes; the shoes need to counter-balance the outfit perfectly.
With the crimson velvet silk dress; flip flops.
With the plain white tee shirt from the boys department; pointy-toe sling backs.
With the floral watercolour shirtdress: first day at kindergarten sandals. And socks.
In my opinion, an incongruous outfit thus becomes a winner. A little bit of wrong makes it all right.

Anyway; what I need to casualise a silk dress is a pair of boots. I cannot bring myself to buy them; I just feel that they are too mumsy-making-an-effort. I used to wear black knee high leather boots all the time, in all seasons. But that was before I was a mother who was trying to make an effort.

Whats the answer then? Perhaps a brown pair of boots? I had a pair of those too. I bought them while drunk (what a night and morning after that was!) along with another strange pair of platform sandals. Those boots were five kinds of bad and I never did wear them.

These boots however....these Ann Demeulemeester Open Front Sandal Boots (in beige for chrissakes!) are a walking disagreement, they contradict themselves and would therefore work perfectly with absolutely anything.