Monday, May 9, 2011

i blame masterchef

I've had my absolute fill of cooking shows on tv. even the good ones.
I feel my youth seeping out of me as I watch people preparing food;
life passing me by as some one performs a task for an audience, following a recipe in real time.
It is base and boring.
we all know that meat must rest and eggplant must sweat.
I cant stand it any longer!
On top of all that tedium, every meal now must be a feast for the senses!
A production of extraordinary proportions!

New! Exciting! An excursion to far off lands!

I say blergh to that...

B R Myers wrote an awesome article which really made me turn a corner with all this Food-as-Entertainment stuff. He says that putting aside the Food Books liberates you; so I am turning off the food shows, slamming shut the recipe books and adjusting my awareness of food down to a simple
Food is Fuel level.
Do you really want to watch someone chopping onions on tv? Is that good viewing? I have a much better idea. How about someone eating an onion?

the onion 1996

any of this performance artist's work would be great to see of an evening on regular tv...Endurance Art, weeknights at 6pm. You'd watch it, wouldn't you?


  1. I blame Masterchef for the insane amounts of amateur mushroom hunters in the forests this season. Millions of gourmets and aging hipsters walking about poking at every mushroom they see, picking three saffies each and going home to blog about it. And then not eating the mushrooms because their anglo mycophobia insists that mushrooms not bought in a shop will kill them.

  2. i also blame masterchef for making us fat, waste food, think about food, go on diets and maybe watch biggest loser.
    i dont do any of those things, by the way.