Thursday, July 7, 2011

Knitwear for all, not just the sane. Or, what to wear to the Apocalypse.

I was walking down my suburban street this week, and who should I see but a Crazy Person!
The only usual Crazy People I tend to see here are the God Botherers.
This Crazy Person was different, he wore a jumper with nothing underneath.

There seems to me to be something dangerous about a man who can only gather enough sanity together to put on one article of clothing on his top half. It's a shirt or it's a jumper; but not both. He often wears shoes with no socks too. The wild look in his eyes doesn't help.

This got me thinking about Layering, it's a difficult thing to get right.
You either can't do it at all- and end up looking like this Crazy Person,
or you go overboard and start layering and don't know when to stop.

Like the four horsemen of the apocalypse are on their way....

image from here

...but they are on their way.

I am thinking perhaps this Viktor & Rolf look could be the way forward;

Wear everything you own at once, adding and removing as you please.
Interest lies in the texture of textiles and in the trims and closures.
Keep the colour palette simple, that is: black.
You'll need an awesome pair of shoes.
Also, if you can keep a couple of Dutch Designers about your person, that would be helpful too.

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