Tuesday, April 5, 2011

awesome stuff right now!

Here is what I am, like, totally digging lately

library/ wide leg/ Fry/ Rake/ necklace/ knitting kitty

  • Knitting- this is my foray into the world of CRAFT.
    Not since Catriona Rowntree's  Crappy Craft segment on the cartoon show, have I been so interested in Crafting. Are blogs craft?
    Anyway, I've started knitting by looking closely at a child's How To book. I know that some people are fanatics when it comes to knitting. I am not about to get a knitting tattoo or anything, but it is relaxing. Once the calluses form, I guess.
  • Libraries- it's where I borrowed the How To book.
  • Rake on abc tv
  • Wide Leg Jeans- with RM Williams boots; hello 70s revival
  • Autumn; breezy and sunny. I even go outside most days
  • Resin Jewellery- handmade from recycled material.
    But you had me at 'looks like lollies'
  • Philip J. Fry- so stupid, but sensitive and courageous. He loves Leela. Most episodes leave me with an aching heavy heart, i almost cry. So melancholy, so much longing. If you listen to it and don't watch the screen, Fry is Stimpy. Billy West is so excellent; how does a cartoon make you feel so much?
  • Dandelion Tea

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