Monday, April 4, 2011

internet connect

the internet has finally started to make sense to me just recently. I dont mean that i'm a scared little bunny when it comes to getting around the www, just that previously I hadn't seen anything truly remarkable in it.

When I saw this art work; it all made sense!

Value Restored- Mitchel Cumming
thanks to miss moss where I saw it
The internet is all about connections (der)
An artist can use the 'stuff' that already exists in the world to make a comment or bring our attention to a concept. Our shared history, our access to anything we want, anything that exists is the new medium.
Images and information are just like paint or clay; they can be used to create art.

Putting famous flowers into famous vases. Why bother painting flowers in a vase that are sitting in your lounge room, what good is that? Cummings says alot using masking tape and our shared knowledge, however basic it is.

The 24 hour film installation by Christian Marclay, The Clock takes moments from films showing the time passing in the human loops which we all endure.
I didnt see this film, how i wish i could have, but reading and knowing about it is (almost) enough. It is the connection of all of these moments which already existed in other contexts, other works, that make this artwork so amazing and inspiring. Concepts of time are illustrated here using stuff that existed already, that we are all educated in already.

So that's what the internet is all about for me. It's post-modernism but with everything available and downloadable. It has levelled the field completely and it has made anything, any concept possible. Creating is easy. Exhibiting is easy. Discovering is easy too.


  1. Loving your latest work, lady.

  2. You have a beautiful mind.

  3. "Why bother painting flowers in a vase that are sitting in your lounge room, what good is that?"

    I bet flower arrangers have been asking this question for centuries! Why not just put real flowers in a vase?, all this representation stuff is so removed, so post-real.

    But why did you write this? How old fashioned! You could have googled around and found enough similar ideas and pieced them together to make your point?

  4. ha ha yes,
    I'd be happy to draw a line between 2 things. That's essentially all i am saying...