Monday, March 28, 2011

The Accidental Felter

This weekend was the beginning of 'winter' for me; almost more a state of mind, the summer switch turned off. I take a cardigan with me when I leave the house, have tissues in my bag, an umbrella rolls around the car, and I've pretty much given up my blue suede sandals for now too. In this spirit, I got my knitwear out of storage and decided to wash them so they'd be ready to wear at any time.

The thing about knitwear is that it's actually slob-city. You might think you're adding a little sexy secretary to your jeans and tee combo, but really i reckon knitwear is half a step away from pyjamas. A going-out-jumper becomes around-the-house-jumper and then its so comfy that it turns into first-thing-on-out-of-bed jumper.
Bag lady at Bingo Night is where that leaves you, Miss Frumpy; all unstructured and waist-less. I might look at getting a really great jacket for this winter....

Well, this is what I was thinking anyway. As I pulled my favourite cardigan from the washing machine, the boiled wool so neat, a tiny felted garment, perfectly adorable. A Chanel Jacket in miniature. My kid's teddy bear is going to look so chic this winter.

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