Wednesday, March 23, 2011

charity begins in my wardrobe

Buying pre-loved clothes is just about the most fun i can have for a few dollars. I have a recurring dream where i walk into a charity shop and it is filled with amazing clothes and shoes and hats and i love them all and they are all perfect and they complete me and they are all tagged $2. I get giddy just thinking about it!
lately, I've been buying garments which have been hand-made. A late 30s style 70s dress (an air stewardess uniform? asks my husband) a marc jacobs style coral autumn jacket with oversize self covered buttons and a tea cosy which I will wear as a winter hat. The stitching is a little bit weird and the mitre corners aren't perfect for example, but I can just feel the love; one person made the item for herself (I assume) to wear or keep her tea pot warm.
Tracing patterns, choosing fabric, cutting, ironing, stitching, pressing and finally wearing with pride!
These items fit me pretty well but a perfectly fitting garment isn't really so important to me anyway. I've worn plenty that were Not Quite Right. I prefer that look to the one you can get from Susan's. The construction of these new garments is just about flawless; they'll last you well after you realise that you're dressed like your mother.

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