Friday, March 18, 2011

tying one on

Looking cute is not very high on my list of daily rates somewhere after consuming enough coffee to remain awake but not so much that i am overly wired and maybe before finding the reason we have an army of ants marching through the hall way.
Tips on wearing something other than my uniform of black tee and jeans (most people have their version); i might leave for another day.
But for today- I found this great down loadable guide- Playtime with your Hermes Scarf.
Add a scarf and say hello to instant CUTE.
Say goodbye to the same outfit from yesterday!

Now, parting with $500 for a scarf is lunacy. There is an endless supply of perfectly excellent scarves to be had for less than $5 at charity shops everywhere. The loveliest silk square of pretty peonies is sitting quietly amongst other strange acrylic nasties in a basket in your local charity shop now!
Go and save it! Give it a little wash! Wear it upon your person today!

horse portrait scarf
horse breeds

hunting scene scarf

horse shoe scarf

I found these in a few minutes on ETSY
I plan on wearing something similar in a "cow boy anneau" style and whistling Mister Won't You Please Help My Pony.
There is nothing on earth cuter than Ween.

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